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Yoga Burn Challenge Review

DeeLIte_ful Yoga YogaBurn Review

I did it! I completed the 12 week Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge! I will say that week 12 was just as challenging as week 1, but the entire program is completely do-able. I am not a fitness junkie nor am I a yogi by any means. However, you can see how this program really is designed with a woman in mind. The workout itself isn’t long, the only thing you have to account for are the days in which you complete multiple reps.

I was introduced to so many innovative takes on traditional Yoga moves in this program that really generate a good burn in those pesky hard-to-tone areas. As a busy working mom, I can say that this program really was worth every penny. In addition, every minute and every uncomfortable repetition in this program was well worth it also. If you set your mind to this and really put in the hard work, you can see some changes in your physique from this program within the first couple of weeks. Everyone’s goal is different. I had already lost a great deal of weight before I started, so my goal here was to firm and tone. In that regard, I give this 12 week challenge 5 stars in helping me to achieve my personal goal.

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Review

Please explore the rest of my blog. I have included week-by-week insight into what is involved in the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge. Everything from what comes in the package, to what poses to expect, to how long the workouts are and how long to see results. Thank you for reading and please make sure to consult your doctor before you start any diet or exercise program.

For a week-by-week detailed review, please see my archived posts.

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For more about who I am and my journey thus far, follow me. I wish you all peace and happiness!

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