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I am a 40+ year old wife and mom. I work a desk job and after having my children, my body was not in good shape. I changed to a Keto diet and lost over 40 pounds. With that much weight loss, I thought I would be proud of my body. I was definitely proud of my new size, but I still was uncomfortable in my own skin. What I mean is, that with all the weight loss I felt like my body was “mushy.”

I had tried some yoga practices in the past and loved how yoga made my body feel. I knew I could embrace it a lot easier than many of the other vigorous workout programs on the market. I don’t like weight lifting or sweating through my clothes, so yoga was the best fit for me.

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge really sounded like the program I was looking for. I needed something I could fit in my schedule, work my way into, and build my body up to something better. A 12 week “challenge” just sounded right. My husband did a similar “90x” type program and had PHENOMENAL results. I came into Yoga Burn hoping this program would have similar results for me. Boy did it ever!

My goal is to have my blog help someone out there that may be going through any body, weight, or confidence issues. I went from being 105 to over 200 pounds at my heaviest. I have finally found the perfect balance for my weight and size and hope to encourage others to see that they can too.

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