How To Do A Forearm Plank Correctly, From A Fitness Instructor

MindBodyGreen – By Sarah Regan August 8, 2020

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If you want a move that works your whole body, plank pose is a great place to start. And if you’re looking to kick it up a notch to challenge yourself even more, consider forearm plank.

Forearm plank can be a part of yoga flows, bodyweight workouts, or even a stand-alone exercise whenever you want to get your heart pumping and core shaking.

Learn how to do it—plus why it’s so beneficial—from certified yoga instructor…

12 Week Challenge Complete! 😃

I did it! I completed the 12 week Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge! I will say that week 12 was just as challenging as week 1 but the entire program is completely do-able. I am not a fitness junkie nor am I a yogi by any means. However, you can see how this program really is designed with a woman in mind. The workout itself isn’t long, the only thing you have to account for are the days in which you complete multiple reps.

I was introduced to so many innovative takes on traditional Yoga moves in this program that really generate a good burn in those pesky hard-to-tone areas. As a busy working mom, I can say that this program really was worth every penny. In addition, every minute and every uncomfortable repetition in this program was well worth it also. 😉

If you set your mind to this and really put in the hard work, you can see some changes in your physique from this program within the first couple of weeks. Everyone’s goal is different. I had already lost weight, so my goal here was to firm and tone. In that regard, I give this 12 week challenge 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in helping me to achieve my personal goal.

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Week 11

I gotta be honest with you here. Week 11 is killer on the legs. I did not enjoy it. I will grant you that it does amazing things for the glutes and all the major leg muscles, but it isn’t pleasant to perform. I am certainly happy to be done with it. It certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

It starts easily enough but once you start into the lunges, you really start feeling the burn. The resistance band becomes a huge irritation with this move because it always wants to roll up. On the video, Zoe says to keep going even when the band rolls up, but it is quite painful if you don’t readjust it.

Now, you get into a curtsey lunge at the end which really gets interesting. Trying to maintain your balance in addition to the rolling resistance band around your legs makes for some trying work.

Week 11 closes out with some challenging warrior III and some pretty intense metabolic sequences. I mean combining a malasana with a burpee type move with a push up for good measure? That really gets the heart pumping. So I definitely see the “challenge” this week. Great thing is, I’m almost done!! Even better, my body is looking amazing. Stay tuned…

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Week 10

I have completed week 10 and am feeling great! 😀 This was another week that wasn’t overtly difficult but I will give you an example of how effective these workouts are. We start off with a take on the running man with the resistance band. Easy, but it gets those glutes and abs working.

One of the most challenging poses this week was a tree pose using the resistance band to tone the arms. Since you have to balance yourself, it really gets your core engaged and it truly is a total body toning move. So you see the tree isn’t really that hard, but the coordination required of this move makes it really effective. This is just a tid bit of the amazing moves this week.

I can’t really give it all away here. Even though the whole regimen this week is only about 17 and a half minutes long, there are some gems this week. Another favorite move of mine this week was a scissor move on the floor involving the resistance band around the ankles. It really gets your abs burning. 🔥 If you are really serious about getting yourself a yoga body, THIS is the program you need. I can’t rave about it enough. Well, I did my 3 reps of week 10 yesterday and my glutes and abs are in need of rest, so I’ll sign off for now.

Be sure to check out the side bar for links to a slew of great Yoga Burn products. In particular click the link where you can get a “Kick Start Kit” to get started. ‘Til next time.

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Start of Month 3 😀

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge and what it is doing to my body. I am feeling stronger than I have ever felt before and am toning so nicely. My biggest issue right now is I don’t have enough clothes that fit me well. I think that’s a good problem to have. 😉
Week 9 is all about the glutes. Lots of resistance band work, very little floor work (that still packs a punch,) and a few archer moves for good measure. It was not a difficult workout and I actually had fun with it. I will say that the floor moves Zoe does some balancing that I couldn’t keep up with. I did have to use both arms to balance towards the end but I still gave it my all.

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Done With Month 2!!

I can’t believe how far I’ve come in these past 2 months. I feel stronger than I have ever felt and my muscle tone continues to improve. It was hard for me to complete week 8 because I caught a cold midweek. I still managed to do my repetitions, it just took me longer than it should’ve.

Week 8 wasn’t particularly difficult, but there are some poses that may be challenging based on your own personal flexibility and abilities. Gomu kasana is the pose that kinda strained my shoulders a bit but I still could complete it.

The other move I struggled with was threading the needle from a fallen triangle pose. It was hard on my wrists, but incredibly effective on the obliques. I can tell you that if you can pull this move off, it’s almost like your own muscles become a corset bringing everything in for an hourglass appearance. ⏳

If you are wanting an effective exercise program created with a woman in mind, Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge is what you are looking for. I’m only halfway through and already reaping the benefits. Stay tuned for more review and results!

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Chugging along, week 7 done!!

I can’t believe that I am almost done with the second DVD! Now I have to admit, I really had to push myself this week. Is the workout hard? Not really. It is challenging though. This week my hamstrings really got put through the wringer. Warrior 3 poses don’t look great in my video clip but I assure you that as the week went by and I got more repetitions in, my form improved. Balance was my biggest struggle this week.

I love the bicycle move with the resistance band, and the dancer pose was a nice add in to the routine this week. My goddess pose is a little lackluster in the video which is why I recommend filming yourself or practicing in front of a mirror. It’s hard to improve if you can’t see what areas you need to work on.

My body really is starting to tone. Even though my weight is the same, I’m starting to swim in my clothes! I was already in a size 6 thanks to Keto (link to Keto blog in sidebar) but now I may be looking at a smaller size. 👀 I also have noticed my batwing span has decreased. 😆 If you are considering this program, I recommend it. Of course, always consult a doctor before you begin any diet or exercise program.

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Week 6 Complete!

It is such a great feeling when your husband comments how much muscle you’re building up. 🤩💪 My glutes are looking firmer than they have in years, my arms are toning, and OMG I’m actually getting a little cut on the sides of my abs!!! A nice little added benefit is I’ve noticed alot of cellulite reduction as well. Now, I’ve had close to 80 pounds total weight fluctuation in my life with 2 children born by C-section, so I’ve got quite a bit of loose skin. All considered, I’m extremely happy with my results so far and am excited to see what I look like at the end of this challenge.

Week 6 features the eagle pose more in a more challenging way this week and woah mama the outer thighs and glutes get a great go this week. I won’t lie, I have to push myself with this challenge. It’s not easy when you get to repeating the routine over and over, but it’s worth it when you see these results.

I’m so glad I started the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge, so what are you waiting for?

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Week 5 Review

This is a busy week for me so this will be short and sweet. Week 5 was a great workout with an introduction to an eagle pose both standing and on the mat. The eagle crunches were very effective on the abs. So far, the eagle crunches are my favorite ab workout. It was a good one and with some great gluteal moves added on to build upon our previous work. I’m still going strong and start week 6 tomorrow. More to come!

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