The Yoga Burn Collection

Did you know there are multiple Yoga Burn offers? Before you lock-in on one product, please read this short article. It could really open your eyes about the deals you could be missing.

There is an incredible offer available that stretches your dollar even further. Before we get into the deal, I’ll show you what products are sold for. You will be able to compare the products & see how great a value this offer is.

7 Best Yoga Burn Packages
#7 Total Body Challenge

The first product I’d like to tell you about is the Total Body Challenge.  This is a product that I personally reviewed here. The Total Body program is great for an overall body workout.  This product comes with a 12 week DVD course, resistance band, and immediate digital access via computer, or mobile device.

You can get this package for $37 (+S&H)

#6 Trim Core Challenge

The Trim Core Challenge is a very similar package in which you get the 12 week DVD course and immediate digital access.  You won’t get the resistance band with this one as this program focuses primarily on your core.

You can get this package for $37 (+S&H)

#5 Booty Challenge

This course is probably the most popular.  You can take a good guess at what the Booty Challenge is about.  This has been a program that is popular for a good reason.  Results are phenomenal on this program and everyone wants to get a yoga booty.  You get a 12 week DVD course with immediate digital access with this program as well.

You can get this package for $37 (+S&H)

#4 Meditation Solutions

A very little talked about program is Meditation Solutions. This is a slower paced program more focused on the meditation aspects of yoga.  This a great program for someone looking for something smooth and not jarring.  Unlike the previous programs, you will only be getting a digital download on this program.  Since there is no DVD with this program, there is no shipping and handling charge.  Yes it is cheaper, but read on until I get to the real bargain in this article.

You can get this package for $29.95

#3 Yoga Burn Monthly

This program is really for someone who is looking for something long term.  I mean longer than a 12 week program.  The Yoga Burn Monthly program sends you new content every month.  This is ideal for someone who gets tired of the same routines.  I highly suggest this for someone who is looking for an ongoing program.  This is a great product to be subscribed to. In the time of the pandemic when classes are few and far between, this product is like having your own instructor and you never leave home. You will get DVDs and immediate digital access on this one.  There is a special offer on this program right now where the first month is free and you get 3 Bonus collections.  Don’t get distracted by this, PLEASE READ ON.  I haven’t gotten to the BIG DEAL yet.

LIMITED TIME First Month Free – $37/month (+S&H)

#2 Free Yoga Burn Kick Start Kit

This is a great option for anyone who just wants a quick start and doesn’t want to invest a whole lot of cash to get up and running.  Not only do you get a 4 week program, you also get 3 bonuses in this limited time offer. This is the most budget friendly option as you only need to pay for shipping.  There is only a limited supply available of these packages. Click here to claim a free kit.  This is NOT the whopper of the deal that I have been building up to.  PLEASE READ ON.

You can get this package Free +(S&H)

#1 Fitness System for Women

This happens to be the most expansive product on sale RIGHT NOW.  This package has everything you have been looking for. With this package you will get the 12 week YOGA BURN Fitness System for Women program, follow along audio classes, a stress relieving tranquility flow, access to the Yoga Burn Immersion program, PLUS a FREE month of Yoga Burn Monthly! This is a fantastic price point for what you get in this package.  If I had to do it all over again, I would have bought this package first.

You get this entire package for $37 +(S&H)

I don’t know how long Zoe will keep these offers up, so go now!