Week 3 Wrap Up

What a week! I really enjoyed this routine. It wasn’t as much of a struggle to get through the 3 reps of the routine on Friday, but it was still work. I felt some of the inner gluteal muscles that I honestly never knew I had! 😅 I don’t know why I didn’t do this for myself sooner. The Yoga Burn product really is designed for women. I’m getting worked out but I’m not getting beaten down. The best part is, I’m seeing the results! With other programs I had to push so hard and never saw the benefits. I can’t wait to start week 4!

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Mid-week 3 status

Well I am enjoying this program more and more! I finished my 2 reps of the week 3 workout last night and I feel great! 😊 That wasn’t the case last night however. I was crazy sore and tired. I don’t know if I could do this as a morning routine. I personally am NOT a morning person to begin with and this kind of challenge would not mix well for me. Evening workouts are best.

I am really feeling the gluteal work this week. Hopefully I can get some of that “lift” back there. After 2 kids and working a desk job for over 15 years, my poor tush sure needs this week.

One thing I’ve forgotten all about is the Total Body Band Burnout routine that is included on the Month 1 DVD (also included with the digital package). Honestly, I’ve been so wrapped up in just completing the challenge, it’s slipped my mind. I’m not really fit so I cherish those rest days and a bonus HIIT routine hasn’t been top of mind. I may try it out if I can bring myself to push harder. I’ll post more review on my week 3 wrap up coming soon.

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Started Week 3

I’ve had a chance to start week 3 and I am actually looking forward to this one. This week my balance will be my biggest issue. I’m not really the most coordinated individual to begin with and the warrior 3 pose we perform this week is particularly challenging. I found myself having to tap my toe to the mat a few times to keep from falling over.

I’m excited to be using the upper legs muscles with the floor poses and the resistance band is yet again proving it’s worth. I want to say how impressed I am with how I feel. I don’t feel overworked but I can tell things are toning. I’m very impressed that I can actually keep up with the workouts and not feel terrible the next day. Yes, I feel muscle soreness so I can tell that I worked. Yet, I’m not dreading the next workout. Stay tuned for a mid week update…

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Week 2 wrap up

That day 3 was really hard to get through. 45 minutes and my deltoids were screaming. I do have good news about the locust pose though. I managed to actually maintain the pose! Granted, my legs weren’t as high as Zoe’s are in the video; I did good for my fitness level. I found that the key was to have a folded towel to place under the pelvis. Zoe has one in the video but doesn’t bring it up until you need it. So your pro tip of the day is to keep a towel nearby. 😉

I’ve definitely felt my glutes being worked really well. Even though that locust pose is hard, it really makes you use those gluteal muscles. I know I’m only 2 weeks in, but I really do feel all of this. Now, my biggest gripe about the program so far is that it’s not traditional yoga. That’s ok though. With how my body is feeling so far, I am confident this program will bring me some great results.

Check out my YouTube channel for more insights and clips.

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Week 2 Day 2 done

I’m now halfway through week 2. This week my deltoids are really getting put through the wringer. The Yoga Burn Resistance band is really proving it’s worth in this workout.

I wanted to mention using the band in relation to the pose itself. This week for example, there is a move where you are in a warrior 2 pose. Then you use the band in a bow & arrow type motion to really build your arm muscles. My criticism on this is that once you start focusing on the band, your form begins to suffer. Mine does at least. I kept finding myself with my legs not in the correct position as I was working my arms with the band. This may be just me, but it’s worth mentioning.

I’m still having problems with the locust pose this week. I found that using a rag or towel under the pelvis helps. However, this is a pose I have to continue working on.

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Inspiration & Quick Thought

I was looking up at our family photos today and was reflecting just how far I’ve come. I wanted to share this in hope that it will help someone. No matter where you are in your journey, remember that nothing is impossible. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Keep pushing forward. Now for a quick thought about the challenge.

Toward the end of week 2 workout, there is a segment where you really ramp up the burn. Last week was the goddess pose. This week it is a warrior 2 pose that alternates from one side to the other in quick succession. Now, this is where I feel true yogis won’t like this program. When you are taught yoga, you are taught that your form is important. You seek to master your poses. In these “burn” segments of the workout, your form suffers because your goal is trying to get your heart rate up. I understand that this is Yoga “Burn” so I am following the program. I just thought it was worth mentioning because I know this may be a deal breaker for some folks who have practiced yoga for any period of time.

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Start of week 2

I’ve completed my first day of week 2. I’m not feeling so bad. The workout wasn’t overtly difficult, but I do feel my glutes. There is a locust pose that I am NOT good at. I did my best to raise my legs high, but it looks like my thighs are still on the floor. 🤦‍♀️ Zoe performs this pose way better than me. Incorporating the band into the pose really puts the burn on. Hopefully as the week progresses, so will my form.

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Week 1 Done!

I have finished it off. I now only have 11 weeks to go. Honestly, I didn’t know if I was gonna make it through the 3rd rep of my week 1 workout. I muscled through it and got it done. However I was truly beat afterwards.

The morning after is surprisingly pleasant. I was fully anticipating not being able to walk. My soreness is there, I can tell I’ve worked. But I am not to the point where I want to lie in bed all day.

The one move that really got me this week that I had never practiced before was the “Goddess pose.” This is the move that really worked me out. I don’t know if this is a traditional yoga pose but it really is what I felt most from week 1.

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Workout day 2

I have completed the 2nd workout of week one.

I’m officially halfway through week 1 and I am feeling pretty good about it. I did have to stretch things out on Tuesday, but the 2 rounds on Wednesday weren’t as bad as I feared. I managed to complete the workout. Granted, I was pooped and sore afterward but that’s kinda the point.

My legs and arms are feeling very strong and my triceps are looking a bit more “cut.” If you are an experienced yogi, I really don’t know how you would feel with this program. As a relative novice, I feel like I can follow the flow pretty well. However, someone with many years of practice may not like this program.

The Yoga Burn Resistance band really amps up the simple yoga workout. I worried about being able to complete both rounds with the band, but once I was into it, everything felt good.

Wish me luck on three 15 minute sets coming up on Friday. More review to come…

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Rest day 1

Last post I remarked how my arms felt. I didn’t think the Yoga Burn Resistance band did anything for my legs. That is, until I walked downstairs this morning. I’ve been feeling it ever since. Everytime I sit or stand, I feel it. Still got the tingle in my arms also. Now, I will be doing the same routine for day 2. The difference is that I have to do it twice. So tomorrow my workout will be 30 minutes as opposed to the 15 I did yesterday. Judging by the way my muscles feel now, I know it will be a challenge. I am definitely feeling the “burn.”

There weren’t a whole lot of poses or a great variety of poses in week 1. However, I can sense that this is a foundation building week. I already know from having practiced yoga in the past that leg and arm strength can really help with accuracy of poses. With my legs and arms feeling wobbly today, I know I’m on a good path. I’ll enjoy this rest day and pray it’s enough to charge me back up for day 2.

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